Monday, February 15, 2016

Alabama Gymnastics

B with Big Al and cheerleaders
As we all know, Uncle Dan is the biggest Alabama fan ever!  He has season tickets to almost every sport they, softball, basketball, gymnastics and of course football.  Fortunately, Alabama is pretty darn good at all of them, so they are fun to watch.  Since he has four tickets to the gymnastics meets, and Bennett just started back at gymnastics lessons, he asked her to join him at one of the meets. 

It was a perfect date day, and Bennett loved having Uncle Dan all to herself (she wouldn't allow Preston to go with them).  He took pictures of her with all of the star members of the team, as well as Big Al.  Bennett had a blast with Dan, and loved watching the big girls compete. 

B with Uncle Dan
B on the jumbotron
B with Nicki Guerrero

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