Thursday, February 4, 2016

FitBit Craze

This past Christmas our whole family asked for Fitbits!  Santa brought the kids theirs, and my parents gave Steve and me ours.  These crazy little bands have made us all more aware of our activity, and have gotten us all motivated to stay active.  Where we once had to beg our children to go upstairs to get something, they now run up the stairs so they can log a flight of stairs and get the steps!

Steve immediately set a weight loss goal, and has already attained it by walking, and returning to the gym on a more regular basis.  He is now focused on toning up, which I'm sure he will accomplish too!  My goal is 15,000 steps a day, which isn't too terribly hard, as long as I get a workout in that day.

B, Jon David, P and Caroline
The kids have a 10,000 step daily goal, which they have to achieve in order to even ask for a dessert.  Gone are the days where they could eat whatever they want, and here are the days for eating more healthy foods and counting calories when needed.  Thanks to swim team, long weekend walks, bike riding, and basketball for Preston, our kids average over an hour of active minutes a day!  School days can be tough to hit their goal, but they will pace the house, run around the block, jump on the trampoline and anything else they can think of to hit their goal!

The girls with Coach Christian

Awesome teacher to spend 3 hrs of her weekend with these kids!
All I can say is thank you to Shades Cahaba for rewarding our children who are active and have more than 30 active minutes daily!  Our kids have already won a $50 gift card to 1st Ave Rocks (an indoor rock climbing gym).  I told them they could go to the gym twice, or they could each invite a friend.  They chose the latter, and then asked their PE teacher, who they adore, if she wanted to go too.  Coach Christian agreed to meet us there, and the kids had a ball with her and their friends.  She even went out for popsicles afterward with us.

Here's hoping the newness doesn't wear off, and we all continue to stay active and healthy!

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