Saturday, February 20, 2016

Preston Playing Hoops

Childhood for our children is so different than it was when Steve and I were kids.  They are kept so busy, they rarely have time to sit still or play with friends.  In the Fall, Preston played flag football, Bennett played volleyball and they both were on the Magic City Aquatic League.  In addition, Bennett took art lessons once a week and participated in Girl Scouts.  Once those sports ended, they move to the next ones.  Preston played basketball this winter, and loved every minute of it. 

Fortunately for him, he was on an awesome team.  He had friends on the team, and his coach is a friend of ours.  Though they didn't keep score for the 1st grade teams, we did....and they won every single game.  Even though they only played for one hour each week (30 minute practice and 30 minute game), they improved.  They all were better dribblers and passers by the end of the season, and each boy scored multiple baskets.  They had great camaraderie and fun for their short season.

Coach Jay was nice enough to take the boys out for pizza after their last game.  What a fun way to conclude the season (Preston's first time playing organized basketball).

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