Monday, April 11, 2016

Roaring 20's Party

20s fashion is awesome!
This past Saturday we attended a roaring 20's party that was put on by several people.  They held it at Pale Eddie's bar, hired a DJ and decorated the place.  Of course we took full advantage of the opportunity to dress up, ordering a gangster costume for Steve and a flapper dress for myself.  Alisha did my hair, and I did the rest.

Since the bar didn't serve food, and we were worried what folks would think of us all dressed up at a restaurant - we all met at Alisha's beforehand for dinner.  We took that opportunity to get a few pictures of our group before we headed out too.

We then all piled into a van that drove us there, where we got the party started.  The DJ was awesome, and played a wide array of music.  We danced hard, and had an incredible time.  The party was supposed to end at 11pm, but it went later.  The hosts gave out awards, and Steve won "Best Gangster."  He did look pretty awesome, if I say so myself!

Alisha, Shanon, Christie, Kadie, Mary Michael and Tabby

Adam, Jeremy, Brian, Michael, Ashley and Jeff

the gang

our mean gangsters
Shanon, Molly and us

Since our babysitter needed to go home by 11pm, we called in a BIG favor to Louis.  He was kind enough to relieve our sitter and sit with our sleeping babies until we got home at 12:30am.  I know, I know....dumb move!!  We definitely should have come home, but we were having so much fun with our friends.  It was definitely the dancing that kept us alive and energized!  That night we ubered home and called it a night.  And now we have the pictures to remind us of our fun night! 

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Back at the Ballpark!

cleanest his uniform will ever be!
Preston is once again playing baseball.  It started back at the end of February, and it is a little different with a machine pitching to him.  For the past couple of months, he has been apart of the Royals Team, and they are a great little group of players!  There are 11 first graders on the team (10 boys and 1 girl), and so far they are undefeated! 

They practice and play games 3 times a week, but early on, before their first game, Preston got popped in the face with a ball.  Unfortunately, he didn't have his glove up, so the ball hit his cheek bone.  The result was a bruised cheek and eventually a black eye.  It was a painful lesson, but one that will hopefully stick.  Thankfully it didn't alter his love for the game, in fact he kept practicing the night it happened.

Pres at bat during first game!
Pres has consistently played the infield, usually at shortstop or second base, with an occasional place at pitcher.  He has done well, and learned

a lot from his coaches and Daddy.

Of course, it has been an awesome season for me as a mom who loves to see her kids do well, and loves little league baseball!  Preston loves to have people cheering for him, and thank goodness he can hear me loud and clear!

However, even if I wasn't there, a game hasn't gone by where there wasn't someone there to watch and root for him.  Mimi and Papa are regulars, but he has also managed to have Uncle Dan, his PE Coach, Coach Christian, the Criggers, the Jarmons (twice), and most recently Nene, Poppy and Henley.

watching the game

Though they still have three games left, they are seated pretty darn high going into the end of the season with an undefeated record.  They have been a lot of fun to watch, so I am anxious to see how they end up.  Sadly, a little league game can change on a dime since they only play 4 innings.  But for now, I want to thank those who have taken time out of their day to watch Preston!

Coach Christian

The Criggers (Jeremy had to leave before pic)

Walker was more interested in his juice box

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Spring Break 2016

After our ski trip, we decided that we would have a "staycation" for the kid's spring break.  Fortunately we had lots of friends who stuck around too, so we all had plenty of friends to do things with each day.  We tried to do something fun each day....the zoo, dyeing Easter eggs, spending time with family, playing at a new playground, hanging at the park, lots of walks, hiking at Red Mountain Park, two day trip to Chattanooga, Alabama gymnastics meet in Tuscaloosa and a birthday party!  Whew, I may need a vacation from their vacation!!
Kids with Caroline Crigger at Dino Exhibit (W was not a fan)
Walker loves the zoo!
Dyeing Easter eggs
Walker had a blast, and made a HUGE mess dropping the eggs into cups.

Easter Sunday
Seeking eggs at Mimi's after JM and Abby hid them

Walker enjoyed wagon rides at Mimi's
Even big kids hunted eggs!

JM and Abby were a team, but they lost
Walker practiced riding his new bike a lot this break!

big kids on huge see-saw
Kids at Red Mtn Park
Killing time at Target

Rock climbing in Chattanooga
Pres climbed to the top of the "tallest building"
Snug as a bug in our hotel room

Hanging with my boys at the aquarium

exploring with Daddy

we came, we saw, we conquered!
All of the kids after lunch
Hiking at Lookout Mtn
Regional Gymnastics Championship at UA
we even made the jumbo tron!

We had a very busy 10 days off of school....sleeping in, staying up late, eating dinners late and playing outside a lot!  It will be a tough day tomorrow jumping back into our routine, but it was worth it!  Great Spring Break!