Wednesday, May 11, 2016

3rd Grade Field Trip to Ruffner Mountain

Annie and Bennett
Shades Cahaba Elementary provides not only a stellar education to our children, but many extracurricular items, with field trips each year as one.  The third graders this year, packed into a bus and hiked Ruffner Mountain.  A guide was provided to educate the children about various plants, and rock formations, along with the history of the mountain. 

Sadly the field trip fell on a very hot May morning, so the kids wore out quickly when they weren't covered by the canopy of the trees.  Since I was a chaperone of the field trip, I got to tag along and watch Bennett with her friends.  They are goofy as you might expect from a bunch of 3rd graders, but they were respectful and seemed to learn something from the guide.

I am glad I got to tag along and spend the morning with my little girl!

B with Mrs. Kennedy

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