Saturday, May 14, 2016

Dates with Shades Cahaba Teachers

Each year at the Shades Cahaba's biggest fundraiser, the Winter Festival, the silent auction is one of the biggest money raisers.  Local businesses donate a variety of items, but things that go for the largest amounts of money are the art projects that each class creates and the teacher dates.  Since all of the money goes towards a good cause, I always bid on a date with a teacher for each of my children.  Since each date includes another child, I typically bid with one of their friends, and we split it.  This year, I won both!

Bennett's date was with her 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Kennedy and friend, Tate Robertson.  All of the 3rd grade teachers got together and planned a "cake wars" themed party.  All of the children (who happened to be girls) stayed after school one afternoon and decorated one cupcake with a "Homewood" theme, and the other was their own creation.  At the conclusion of the party, each team of girls won an award.  Bennett had a blast!

Preston's date was with the art teacher, Mrs. Lucas.  He and his buddy, Boone Aycock, met her at Dave's Pizza for lunch and arcade games.  He enjoyed his fun laid back time with her, and it was the perfect treat at the end of the school year.

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