Friday, May 20, 2016

The End of the Toddler Classes

Sept 2015
For this past year, Walker has been attending two mother's day out programs.  One at our church, which was also attended by our older children, and the other at All Saints.  Late last summer I realized that Walker needed to be in school all 5 days, so I spent the rest of the year trying to recall which day of the week it was and where he needed to be on each day.  Countless days I went to the wrong school to drop him off, or pick him up.  We battled two classrooms of sick kiddos, had double holiday and year-end parties, double teacher gifts and has been invited to many birthday parties.

Davis, Emma, Nell , Parker, Walker, Evan , Celia and Barron
It has been a chaotic year keeping up with him, but it was worth it.  However, when I picked up Walker from his last day of school at Trinity - I cried.  Tears of sadness and joy.  He has had the best teachers there, and has such a tight knit group of kids in his class there.  Whenever I have asked him about his friends at school, he names off his entire class at Trinity (never mentioning one child at All Saints).  The projects they worked on were always super sweet, and if he was absent - they called to check on him.  I knew he was safe and happy always.  I hate that I had to move him to All Saints, but I need for him to be in one school for five days, so no more Trinity.
Ms Debbie and Ms Shay (taught all three kids)

Hello summer! Good-bye Trinity PDO!

Walker has grown tremendously over the past year, he speaks often and fairly clearly now, loves to ride his balance bike, scooter and drive his jeep, loves markers (especially "sharpie markers"), still loves most foods, enjoys singing and dancing, and loves hanging out with big kids and adults!  He has quite the personality at 2.5 and I can't wait to watch him grow even more!

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