Saturday, June 18, 2016

All Stars Season

Typically for these posts, I try to be real, yet positive.... because nothing is that bad when you reflect back on it.  However, this year Preston participated in the All Stars post-season baseball program through Homewood, which was so poorly managed that I feel I have to write about it truthfully.

When one thinks of "All Stars," one thinks they are the "better" players of the regular season, right?  Well that was problem number one with this year's program.  They decided they would rather allow anyone who wanted to play an extended season, rather than ask those the coaches who they feel deserve to be on a team.  Preston wanted to play, so we waited.

Initially they were going to divide the boys into three teams, an A, B and C team.  Problem two....there weren't enough "A" players to make an entire team, so the coach that was coaching that team got to pick who he wanted from the pool.  The rest of the regular season coaches then ranked the remaining kids (instead of all of the kids like they should have), and put together a B and C team based on their ranking. 
Problem three, the two coaches who volunteered to coach the other two teams had sons that were both on the "C" team.  So who should coach?  The father of the kid who is ranked higher?  Ask a father of a "B" kid?  Nope.....they decided to just divide up the B and C kids and make two crummy teams.  I knew we should have dropped out then, but Steve thought the extra practice would do Preston good. Sadly, we watched him just get worse and burn out over the course of the season.  It was incredibly frustrating!
Thankfully the season came to an end mid June so we could move on with our summer, and stop living at the ballpark.  Though he had sweet boys (and parents) on his team, Steve and I were over it and ready to just throw in the towel.  The upside...Preston got two cute under armour baseball jerseys with his name on the back that he loves to wear.  He also got to hang with his buddies at the ballpark for the extra weeks past regular season.
Thanks to Mimi, Papa and Uncle Dan for their continued support of the "bad news bears."  Even if they weren't at the ballpark, they helped by watching Bennett and Walker, who had enough of baseball after regular season ended.

Mimi, Papa and Uncle Dan still rooted for Preston

Most of the 7 year old All Star players

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