Saturday, June 18, 2016

Camp Winnataska - Round 1

After another successful week at Camp Winnataska last year, Bennett asked to go for two weeks!  Steve and I never attended overnight camps when we were children, but it has been really nice having both of our big kids enjoy it so much, and continually ask to return, and stay for longer.  So after much thought, we allowed Bennett to go for two weeks this summer.  A couple of times during the summer, they allow for "stay overs" where the kids can stay on Saturday night with the counselors and truly never come home in between sessions.  We thought that was what Bennett was signed up for initially, but as it turns out - it wasn't. 

However, that didn't affect Bennett's outlook on it all.  In fact, she has gotten so brave about camp.  Initially we thought she may see some familiar faces, but she wasn't technically going with any friends for this first week.  But when we received the hut lists a couple of days before she left, we were shocked to see a couple of classmates not only there for the same session, but in the same hut!  Bennett was over the moon!
B with classmate, Josie Davis

Sadly Steve had to leave for a business trip early, and therefore missed her camp drop off.  But the boys went with us, and we were there to send her off properly.  As soon as her bed was made, she was ready for me to go (she had no use for me at that point).  She was excited to get her week going, and swelter in the horrific heat! 

Meanwhile the boys and I were anxious to return to the comfort of our air conditioned car.  In fact it was so hot, and they were so good at camp, I took them out for ice cream on the way home.

The week went as I expected it would for Bennett - wonderfully!  She had a blast!  She is on mainside now with the other "big kids" and stayed in the Cherokee hut.  She got to go horseback riding a couple of times, shot guns, did a ropes course, went canoeing, swimming, crafts, learned new songs and dance moves and had fun each night at the various themed parties.  Here are some more pictures from her amazing first week at camp:
the girls of Cherokee (right side)

saying our good-byes

"Cowboy Night"

B with Hollis Gifford

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