Sunday, June 26, 2016

Camp Winnataska, Round 2!

The kids have absolutely loved all of their experiences with Camp Winnataska, so it was a given that they would return again this summer.  As you know, Bennett chose to go for two weeks, but they both chose to go the same week as all of their Shades Cahaba friends in June. 

Preston got settled in his Siesta hut quickly, with a fun group of boys, but we knew his counselors were in for a wild week with that crew!  I captured one group photo before we departed, but then Pres was begging me to leave and to take my camera with me.

Cooper, George, Cade, Luke, Pres, Jack, Boone and Hayes (and 1 new kid)

Bennett was in the Cherokee hut again, but this time on the other side along with all of her sweet friends.  We got her settled in quickly, but Walker was not happy about leaving his "B-B."  We captured one group photo (that Walker had to be in as well), and then left with only one child.

W, Caroline, Carmen, Laken, Maddie, Abigail, Madeleine Anne, B and Mary Martin
Though we can send them notes throughout the week, we never heard a word back (except once, more on that later).  Preston did a better job finding the camera so there were many more pictures of him throughout the week, but I can tell from all of these pictures that they both had another terrific time!  Nothing better than becoming more independent, making new friends, creating memories and spending a week away from us to make the heart grow fonder.  Pres welcomed us with HUGE bear hugs and tears, while our big girl was more excited to see her baby brother.  Though we got a hug from her too, Bennett and Walker have a special bond and were happy to be reunited.

Indian Night - mean boys!

Late every night, photos were uploaded to the camp's private portal where only parents who have  children attending camp there can view the pictures.  So each morning it became my routine to sip on my coffee and go through the previous day's pictures.  So you can imagine my surprise when on my birthday, I saw this picture:

This photo made me cry like a baby, and I still well up with tears when I see their creativity and birthday message!  I think Daddy reminded them through email about my upcoming birthday, but what a surprise!  Favorite picture from all week....FOR SURE!

Ed's Pet World came to visit camp

Celebration of all holidays - P was St Patty's Day

Country Night

Holy Grail Night - when they burn the bridge and rebuild it overnight

Bennett always gets attached to her counselors
Finally Reunited!

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