Saturday, June 18, 2016

Goodbye Gregory

Gregory's extended family

For the past several years, Gregory has been in and out of the hospital, suffering from cancer.  He
was diagnosed at the young age of 18, and sadly lost his battle with cancer at 21 years of age on March 9th.  He was surrounded by his family, and everyone had an opportunity to say good-bye.  We attended his funeral back in March, but the true good bye was this summer when everyone gathered at one of his favorite places, Smith Lake, for a proper farewell. 

Lisa and Greg did a great job

thinking of everything...and all of Gregory's family and close friends were there.  Teresa wrote and sung a beautiful song, and then those that wanted to share a memory (happy, sad or funny) could do it.  Then they used a small boat that Greg built to send some of his ashes off to the lake.  The ashes were wrapped up in one of his favorite handkerchiefs.  They lit tons of Chinese lanterns and sent them off.  The evening concluded with lots of food, drinking and story telling.  I know that Gregory was smiling down from heaven as everyone celebrated his life!

sending lots of love to heaven

Since we were at the lake, the boys (Steve, Pres, Walker and Beck) stuck around for another day of fun....scooting b-b guns, skipping rocks, swimming and just being boys.  I had to depart early to pick up Bennett from camp, but when we all met up later that day...all of the boys were exhausted from all of the fun. 
feeding fish (dirty feet and all)

throwing rocks

Goo giving Preston pointers on shooting

these boys love each other, most of the time

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