Monday, June 6, 2016

Memorial Day 2016

Hilton Sandestin
After spring break it is hard to refocus the kids.  We are all done with school, homework, and early bedtimes.  So as the end finally nears, our whole family only focuses on one thing...our Memorial Day beach trip for a week!  This year we decided to book a large house with the Jarmons and the Criggers, and we moved to Inlet Beach to avoid the crowds.  Like always, I began pulling things together mid week, but when Steve asked me late morning on Friday to go down early - we all had to put it in high gear so we could hit the road later that day and stay at a hotel in Sandestin.  I must admit smelling the ocean air (even if it was at 9:30) is incredible, but waking up and seeing the ocean from our balcony without sitting in traffic was even better!

Walker and Miller playing in a pond

After grabbing breakfast, touching our toes in the sand and playing in the pool - we packed up and drove down the beach a little way to hang with Fletcher and Leah Smith and their boys until the rest of our crew arrived.  They were in Santa Rosa (on the way to our beach), and were right on the beach!  The boys had a ball playing together, and it was fun relaxing and chatting.  The rest of the crowd came there upon arrival to hang out for a bit, but eventually we all grew hungry and had to grab a late lunch at Stinky's.

The slogan Steve started the summer before, and our hashtag for this trip!
After lunch, we were able to check in and our official week began!  We had absolutely BEAUTIFUL weather ALL WEEK long - crystal clear water, no waves (which was perfect for Walker) and sunny skies!  The Tanners, Passarellas and Serotskys were all in Inlet Beach too, so our kids had no shortage of friends to hang out with all week, and therefore had a blast!  To top it off, the girls in our house had their own bunk room, while Pres and Walker shared their own room.  With everyone having a little personal space, a pool across the street and the beach two blocks away, we had nothing to complain about it.

Each family took one night to cook dinner, and then we chipped in on the other nights, or ate out.  We did some walking, took bike rides, did a lot of swimming, played in the ocean, hunted crabs and found hundreds of sand dollars!  Each day was great, and our family had a phenomenal time together.  One of the nights we went crabbing, we caught about 10 blue crabs that we actually cooked, and they were yummy!  And for those of you nature preservers, don't worry....though the kids found over 500 sand dollars one day (yes they counted them), they threw all of them back!  Over the week, we saw a stingray, a reef shark and a sea turtle....lots of sea life in our pretty gulf.

Walker, Caroline, Mary Ellis and Jack

William and Preston
Oysters at Dusty's!

Walker loved the splash pad at Alys Beach

Bennett loved crabbing with her Daddy!

our pride and joy!

Sand dollars were plentiful this trip, the kids found over 500 one day!

Lauren, Shanon and myself

The kids with their turtle sand creation!
As always, another great trip to the beach!  Can't wait to return in a month!

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