Thursday, August 4, 2016

One Last Hurrah Before School

the beach gang
August in Alabama is awful!  Horrific heat, afternoon showers followed by balmy air with nothing going on for the kids.  So as the sun continued to heat up in Alabama, we continued to hide inside with the air conditioning blasting.  We were fortunate to be invited to go along with friends to the beach, so we jumped at the opportunity for one last hurrah before school started back.  Packing for the beach has become our forte this summer, so we loaded up again and drove to 30A.

Parents Night Out

Fortunately, the weather and water were just perfect at the beach.  Yes it was hot, but not unbearable when one is hiding under a tent and getting a breeze off the ocean.  The kids did a lot of swimming, some fishing, played kickball, hunted for ocean wildlife, and invented a new game..."net ball' (think lacrosse, but with nets and a soft ball).  They had a ball together, and got along did us parents!

One day we even had a bunch of other friends over for the day.  The kids played hard all day, we ordered pizza to the beach and stayed out late enough to watch the sun set.  It was great to sneak away one last time before school starts!  Thank you Fletcher and Leah Smith for the invitation!

navy seal push-ups

Brooke, me, Leah, Kathryn and Lee

crazy boys

beach sunset with friends
lazy mornings

A.Mazing Sunset!

W finally held the fish after it died

lunch crew at Stinky's Fish Camp
baby black tip shark (little thing was strong)!

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