Monday, August 8, 2016

Summer Swim Concludes

swimming breast
This summer marked another successful swim season with Homewood.  Though each of the children moved up into new age groups (Bennett to the 9-10 year old girls and Preston to the 7-8 year old boys), and they had two different practice times, it was still a fun summer.  The children participated in whatever duel meets they were in town for and practiced daily.  They love swimming with their friends during the summer, and rarely complain...which is nice for us.

Though they took a couple of months off in the spring (April and May), they picked up almost where they left off, and improved their times during the summer.  Bennett's competition is much more stiff, so she wasn't able to qualify for Senior County, but getting personal best times is all we ask for from both kids, and she had some this summer.

breast stroke is her favorite stroke 
Preston did great in his age group, and had a successful conclusion to his summer, qualifying in all four strokes for Senior County.  Though he only placed in two events (a relay and individual 25 yard butterfly), we are extremely proud of him.  He had personal best times, and pushed himself really hard.  Thankfully Nene, Poppy, Uncle Brian, Christian and Lucy were there to witness Preston getting personal best times for 25 yard butterfly, 50 yard free and 25 yard back.  He got his 25 yard breast best time and his relay second place award the day before.

What a great season!  We are taking a few weeks off, and starting again in September.

Ready to kick some booty!

Relay team - 2nd place!

Daddy is his biggest fan!

Selfie on the pool deck (I was volunteering down there)

Ready to get best time!

Loving to show off for his cousin!

His reward for a good meet!

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