Saturday, September 17, 2016

Preston is 8!

Jackson, P, Jonas, Fletch, Luke, Bennett, Reid, B and Walker
Hard to believe that 8 years have gone by since the morning Preston was born on Sept 16th! He is thriving in school, enjoying every sport he plays, making friends everywhere he goes and just loving life!  As Preston has done before, he had lots of opinions about what he wanted for his birthday this year.  He knew he wanted a sleepover, but it was up to me to limit the numbers (he never wants to leave anyone out).  Fortunately for him, everyone made it except for Christian, so he had a blast! 

They boys had nerf gun wars, played sports, ate lots of pizza and cookie cake, watched a movie and laughed A LOT!!  Listening to those boys crack each other up was so nice.  There was no fighting, just lots of goofing off.  Steve and I were exhausted, and thought that all of their activity from earlier in the evening would tucker them out....but that did NOT happen.  It took us many trips up the stairs, trying to convince them to go to sleep.  Finally around 11:30 it became quiet.  Unfortunately, 6:00AM came quickly, and they were all up and raring to go again!  So we loaded them up with sugary donuts, and sent them outside to play until they went home at 9am.

It was a long party for the old parents, but Preston had so much fun.  We are lucky he has chosen such sweet boys to be his friends.

birthday loot from us and Nene and Poppy

special treatment at school when it is your birthday!
Since his party was a week before his true birthday, it allowed us to stretch out the celebration and go out to eat for his favorite - Mexican.  Steve and I were also mystery readers for his class, and had lunch with him at school on his actual birthday.  Then that night we wrapped up the partying with dinner at Paramount with Uncle Goo and Aunt Shell!  Paramount is a great hamburger place with a ton of arcades, skiball, pinball, and several shooting and driving games.  It is a bar downtown for the young ones at night, but kids can enjoy the venue before 9pm.  The food was great, and the kids had a blast!

So all and all, I think Preston had a great week and is looking forward to another wonderful year!  We love you buddy and love watching you grow up!

Pres had so much fun with Goo!
I love this boy!

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