Sunday, October 30, 2016

Homewood Witches Ride!

Wow, another fun night for the ladies of Homewood and surrounding areas!  The 4th Annual Homewood Witches Ride had beautiful weather (it was actually a hot 80+ degrees), over 470 witches flying (riding their bikes), and lots and lots of children and neighbors lining the streets!  The race raised over $10K for the American Cancer Society, and it was fun for all involved.

I decided to switch up my costume a little this year, and was happy for the slight change that allowed me to be a little cooler.  After getting ready, I rode over to Chris Newell's home for a pre-party.  Then around 5:15, we pedaled over to Homewood Park to line up for the ride.  Once the party planners, Janie and Daphne, arrived - we began our short jaunt around Homewood promptly at 5:45.  We concluded at Little Donkey, where our sparkling margaritas awaited us.

The witches at the pre-party!

me with Lauren Tanner

Just before we started
Look at all of those people on Roseland!
Look at these cuties waiting on us!
The after-party at Little Donkey

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