Monday, October 24, 2016

Papa is 87!!

Papa and his boys!
Steve and I have been together for 12.5 years now, and though everyone has aged (as it unfortunately works that way), we have watched Big Lou stay about the same.  Steve swears it is because of the six grandchildren.  They watch our children regularly, and we know how much of a handful they can all be.  They still tailgate like champs at all home Alabama games, and entertain the entire family for every holiday.  That is a lot of responsibility for a man who just turned 87, and his bride of over 58 years who is almost 82 years old!

On October 23rd, Papa celebrated his 87th birthday alongside of family, and we celebrated him the day before in Tuscaloosa while watching Bama beat A&M.  Myra cooked all of Papa's favorites for his birthday - a Lebanese feast!  We sang Happy Birthday to Big Lou, as well as Steve and Louis since she didn't have an opportunity to bake them a cake (she believes that everyone should have their own we had three)!  We love you Papa!  Happy Birthday!

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