Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Walker's Wild Side

So our timid little two year old has been growing up a lot lately.  Walker's vocabulary continues to explode.  He has become quite the little parrot, repeating things that each of us say.  It started off cute, with him singing several verses correctly from popular songs on the radio, or saying fun things that the big kids say like "burn" correctly. But then he started getting carried away, and has been saying things like "stupid, shut up, butthead."  We initially ignored him because he thought it was funny and would say it more often, but then it became obvious he wasn't going to stop unless we punished him for it. Telling him not to say those words hasn't been working, spanking doesn't work, time-out doesn't work, thumping him doesn't work, so we decided to try something different....sassy juice.

Friends told us that their children didn't like the taste of vinegar, so we told Walker that the next time he said a "bad word" we were going to give him "sassy juice."  It didn't take long for the opportunity to present itself, so Steve got out the white vinegar and stuck his finger in it and then in Walker's mouth.  He said "mmm, that was yummy."  Oh Lawd!!!  We gave each other a look, and then Steve dipped his finger in the apple cider vinegar and rubbed it on his tongue.  Again, "mmm that's yummy."  So, that didn't go as expected, and we needed to pull out the big guns!  Steve poured a teaspoon of the white vinegar and poured it down his mouth.  He immediately began coughing, his eyes were watering, and then he asked for water.  Needless to say, he didn't like it.  Sadly, his behavior didn't immediately correct, but we have threatened the "sassy juice" several times since then and it is just a matter of time before he receives another dose of the now disgusting juice.  At least now he recognizes when he says a "bad word," and talks about getting sassy juice if he says it.

I guess if the juice doesn't work, the next thing to go will be his coveted outside time riding his scooter, bike or jeep.  The boy LOVES keeping up with the big kids and all of their friends.  Though he is only 2.5 yrs old, he can ride his scooter pretty darn well.  He is fast, is learning to brake and doesn't tire easily while riding it.  He races the big kids on their scooters, and can hit a turn like a champ!  However a couple of weeks ago, Walker couldn't keep up with Preston while Pres was on his bike, so I asked Steve to pull out the old Spider-Man bike.  He had to put air in the tires and reattach the training wheels, but it didn't take long for Walker to begin riding a big boy bike!  Bennett was patient with him one afternoon too, and he finally started getting the hang of the pedal brakes.  It is the cutest thing to see his tiny body pedaling that big boy bike on the sidewalks of Homewood.  He still needs a little help going up hills, but he gets it and is improving everyday.  Though he still likes his battery operated jeep, he is starting to prefer his other modes of transportation.  But when he chooses to drive his jeep, he does it well....maneuvering through our gate easily, around cars without hitting them, and all around our backyard.  He even likes to pretend like he is running over things like his Uncle Brian does in his jeep.

Walker is growing up quickly, and I hate that I haven't been documenting all of his little antics over the last several months.  He is a funny kid, and is starting to act more and more like Preston with all of his facial expressions, his temper, yet his love for his family.  Love watching him grow up and develop his personality.

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