Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Halloween 2016

Ever since Walker was born, the children have happily chosen to dress in a theme for Halloween.  Thanks to their Daddy, they dressed as various Star Wars characters for the past two years.  However this year, they went with something a little different.  Thanks to our local Costco store, who has the best made costumes for inexpensive prices, I got Walker a SWAT officer costume.  He loved it, and has been dressing up in it since I brought it home in September.

Bennett thought it would be cute if she and Preston were his prisoners, so she searched the internet for something cute.  I ordered them their costumes, and everyone looked great together!  And thanks to the witches ride the night before, the kids had a HUGE head start on their candy gathering.

Our Halloween started like most, with a quick trip to Mimi and Papa's.  Then they came back, ate a quick dinner, and we were off by 5:30.  Since Halloween fell on a Monday this year, we wanted to
get an early start.  We walked towards Louis and Michelle's, and then walked back to the Smith's house where they had friends gathering.  We finally called it around 8:15, and headed home.

Another fun Halloween, with enough candy to last them to at least Easter!

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