Monday, November 28, 2016

Thanksgiving Family Reunion

Sisters....the reason we were all together
Several months ago all of my side of the family agreed to come to Birmingham to visit over Thanksgiving and attend another Iron Bowl.  I immediately started planning, as there is nothing better than entertaining all of our family right here!  In addition, it was the first time for many of them to meet Walker and Lucy in person.  Though Facebook (and this blog) have been a great way to keep tabs on all of us, it is always nice to spend face to face time with family.

By Wednesday, my parents, Lisa and the kids and Aunt Sue and Uncle Jim arrived.  Since everyone wanted to catch up, and they had all been traveling that day....we opted to have food catered at our house.  We chowed on Taco Mama, drank margaritas and stayed up late visiting.

Thanksgiving day started with a walk, some mimosas, and then cooking.  Everyone began arriving by lunch, and we were well into enjoying our day by the time the Forrey's arrived.  We visited with everyone late into the night, and had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner!  Steve smoked a turkey and chicken, and fried another turkey and chicken.  The rest of us contributed the other traditional sides.  We ate, drank, told stories and laughed a lot!

One of my faves, except it is missing Walker

All 12 great-grandchildren from Docky and Papa (both only children)!
Who doesn't like a selfie?

Steve showing us how it is done
We were a little slower on Friday morning, but ultimately got a group together to go clay shooting at Selwood Farms, a locally owned place about an hour south of Birmingham).  Those that didn't join us watched football, shopped or babysat the little ones.  Being a newbie to Selwood, and having not shot a gun in over a decade, I didn't do well, but it was a lot of fun.  We broke into two groups, one led by Steve and the other by Brian.  The only true competition was between Alex and Jim, and they tied at the end.

Dad did well
the whole gang before we left Selwood
After we returned, we all quickly showered so we could all meet up at Gian Marcos for a yummy Italian dinner where we had more fun, did more eating, and consumed a lot more wine!

For our final day together, we caravanned to Tuscaloosa for our 2nd Iron Bowl together.  The Mizeranys hosted all of us at their tailgate, and we all had a great time.  Unlike four years ago, it was a beautiful sunny day!  Since Jenna is beginning her college search, Steve walked us all around campus for a tour.  We swung by the bookstore to load up on Alabama gear, and then returned to the tailgate for game preparation.  Thankfully Alabama crushed Auburn this time around, so it was a win for everyone (but Brian)!  Unfortunately, the traffic following the game was horrendous, so it took us several hours to get home.  Sadly everyone flew out early the next morning.

So until we all meet again for Alex and Avery's wedding....

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