Wednesday, December 14, 2016

4th Grade Musical

So every other year at Shades Cahaba Elementary, the students work on a play or musical to perform in front of the student body and then their families.  This year, with Bennett in the 4th grade, and Preston in the 2nd grade - we will get to see them both perform!  Bennett performed in her musical just before they broke for winter break.

The name of her musical was "The Lights of Jingle Bell Hill," and Bennett was a snowman.  She must have inherited her acting genes from her great-grandmother, as she truly embraced her role and did great!  Sadly I had a conflict, and couldn't make it.  However, I was able to watch her in multiple videos.  Steve, the boys and Louis and Myra were there to support her though and said she did awesome!

waiting for one of her lines

This girl loves her Daddy!

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