Friday, December 30, 2016

Call Me Crazy

At the beginning of December, the writing was on the wall that Steve was going to need hernia surgery.  We definitely wanted to cash in on getting it done in 2016, since we knew Preston was having his tonsils taken out and our deductible would be hit.  But what we didn't know was Steve needed a bilateral hernia repair, and Bennett also needed her tonsils and adenoids taken out!  Rather than try and stagger all of the surgeries and their recovery times, we decided to schedule them all the last week of the year. 

So like the crazy person that I am, we scheduled Steve's surgery for Dec 27th.  Sadly, we needed to wake up at 4am, so we could be at the hospital by 5am.  Thankfully, Myra and Big Lou kept the kids for us.  His surgery went well, but we didn't make it home until lunch time.  As expected, he was sore and tired so he went straight to bed.  Meanwhile, Sara, JM and Shell were wearing our kiddos out that afternoon at Urban Air (right before Bennett and Preston had to be sedentary for 2 weeks).  They had a blast, and came home exhausted!

The following morning, I awoke early again to get Bennett and Pres to Children's Hospital for their surgeries.  Walker stayed with Myra, and Steve stayed home recovering from his own procedure.  We were slightly worried for what was to come since we had heard the older the person, the worse the pain.  However, they both did GREAT!

Preston did awake in a lot of pain, and immediately started crying.  However, Bennett controlled it all much better.  We were home by mid morning, and I put them to bed with their Daddy where they all napped the afternoon away.

The next couple of days ended up being my nightmare since I was pretty homebound, having to wake up every 4 hours to give medicine (which prevented me from self-medicating with wine), and having to listen to whining and crying from my kids because of their pain and not being able to help them....but Beckham ate it all up.  If the dog can't be outside walking, then he wants to be in bed snuggling someone, so it was a dream come true for him.

Sadly Walker's 3rd birthday fell right after everyone's surgeries.  Though he is too young to truly realize what was going on, and what he may be missing out on, I felt a little guilty so I tried to celebrate him.  Fortunately, as the days continued, the kids continued to improve, and were itching to return to school as soon as they were medically released.  All in all, they did so well and rebounded very quickly from what I thought would be so much worse.  Praise be to God!

all of my patients with my "helper"

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