Monday, December 26, 2016

Merry Christmas!

This year we celebrated Christmas three different times.

The Banta celebration was Dec 23rd at Brian and Shannon's house.  We all gathered for appetizers, and finally succumbed to the insistent asking from the children to open the gifts.  It was a crazy large pile of presents, and each child chose the biggest one they could find for themselves first.

The kids all got what they wanted, and had a blast together (as always).  But let's not forget about the adults ...who ate, drank, and were merry too! 

The following day, Christmas Eve, started earlier than normal at the Mizerany's due to Maria's work schedule, but that didn't stop our fun.  Myra prepared her typical dishes of meat and spinach pies, and we snacked on them while listening to the kids beg for "Christmas to begin".....again!

We held them off for as long as we could, but in typical fashion, they tore into all of their items quickly.  Then they sat and watched everyone else open their gifts...bored sick.  Of course they all had to open something.  Walker was most excited about his gift from Shell and sharpie markers!!

After staying WAY too late, we brought the kids home, only to stay up later so the kids to feed the reindeer.
W so happy in his construction outfit holding his new sharpies!

Walker received the reindeer food from his teachers, and was excited to spread it out.

Annual pic by the xmas tree before Santa arrives

Christmas morning started off much like last year with Walker sleeping the morning away, while the big kids were ready to get to it.  With the late night, we didn't think it would be tough to get the kids to sleep in past 7am.  However, they awoke slightly beforehand, and were ready to come down immediately.  So when we held them off for an additional hour....
we saw crocodile tears and lots of anger
When we finally woke Walker up, and allowed them all to come see what Santa brought them, the excitement didn't last long (especially with Pres).  He quickly realized that Santa didn't bring him what he requested, and he was not happy about that.  In fact, he had such a sour mood, we sent him to his room "to think about his behavior" Christmas morning.  I realize that kids will be disappointed about things in life, but I guess I wasn't prepared to see it on Christmas morning (what should be a happy, blessed day and isn't all about what one receives).  I was pretty bummed about his attitude.

W was as happy as a clam with his new paints

Thankfully Bennett and Walker were excited and happy with their gifts so Christmas morning wasn't a complete bust.  After a tough couple of hours, we had to have sit down with the kids explaining how lucky they truly are, and how they need to be more thankful for all of their gifts. 

The rest of the day was MUCH better.  We had a late breakfast, broke out presents, and then met my parents at the movie theater to see a family friendly movie, Sing.  We all chowed on popcorn, napped a little and then headed home with Nene and Poppy.  We opened some wine, and had a delicious dinner of fillet, scalloped potatoes and asparagus.  It was a long day, so my parents went home, but our kids weren't ready to call it yet, so the Jarmons came over for a bit.  The kids all played and we toasted to a good 2016, and to blessings in the coming year.  Hooray for family, friends, health and happiness!!

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