Saturday, January 7, 2017

Snow Day!

 Going sledding at 8:30pm
Every time it snows in Alabama, everyone goes outside to enjoy it!  It is always short-lived, so you have to get out and play in it while it is here....even if it comes MUCH later than the weatherman predicts.  This year, they canceled school so no one would get caught in a snowstorm.  Sadly there was NO snow until night, about 8-8:30!  But like I said, the kids wanted to go out sledding. As parents, we gambled that school would be cancelled again, so we let them go have fun!

Fun Daddy for the win!
However, the mad dash for ski clothes didn't go well.  We couldn't find the right sizes in our large stash of clothes, so we made due with what we could find.  Steve and the big kids went out sledding, and Walker and I stayed in and found the right apparel for the following day.

Pres and Jonas
After a good night of sleep, we all awoke ready to hit whatever snow was still left.  As you can tell from the pictures, there really wasn't much there.  However, the temps dropped overnight, so it all iced over.  Thankfully for us, we live near a pretty impressive hill that happens to be a newly paved road.  All of the neighbors were gathering on it too, and it ended up being a big party of children and adults taking turns sledding down it, and seeing how far we could all get.

It brought back good memories for me, sledding down hills in Oak Park Drive, and I had to partake in the fun too.  I even convinced Walker to give it a try, and he loved it!  We kept going higher and higher on the hill, and finally learned the trick to steering these cheap plastic sleds with our feet.

We had a blast for a couple of hours, but the sun started to warm things up, and before we knew it, our icy hill was a mushy mess.  Oh well, no school and a fun morning was had by all!
Bundled up and ready to go!

Selfie before sledding down the big hill

Beck loved the snow!

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