Sunday, February 19, 2017

Eric Church Concert

This weekend, Steve and I snuck away for another wonderful concert.  Eric Church returned to the BJCC and performed a double set (no opening bands, just him).  He played continuously for 3.5 hours, and was totally into it the whole time!  We met up with the Passarellas for drinks and dinner beforehand, and arrived on time for concert. 

Steve and I had terrible seats in the upper bowl, one in front of the other.  Neither of us were excited about walking up to the nosebleed section, so we decided to risk it, and sit in a couple of seats in the lower bowl near the Mike and Courtney.  We got kicked out, so we moved a little further down, only to get kicked out again.  We ended up sitting right behind the equipment table, but high enough to see over it perfectly and have a great view of Eric Church.  There were several rows that were empty, so Mike and Courtney moved over to sit with us, as did Cathy and Brian Browning and their friends.

It was a terrific night of singing and dancing, and it was that much better that we got to do it all in awesome seats with fun people around us.

What a show!

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