Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Mercedes Marathon

me, Cindy, Candace, Kadie and Lindsey
Back in August, I joined the Service Guild....a volunteer organization that raises money and services The Bell Center.  As a member, you volunteer in a classroom with the same child every week for a semester.  My time didn't begin until January,  and I work with a little girl with Downs Syndrome.  It isn't my favorite thing to do each week (it is tough), but what a gift for these families with these children.  The kids either attend Tues/Thur or Wed/Fri for two hours.  Each child has a volunteer (me), a PT, OT, Speech Pathologist and Special Ed teacher on their team.  The employees put together a specific treatment plan for each child, and we all work together to help the child achieve their goals. 
before I took off

They have one major fundraiser a year, the Service Guild Gala, in March of every year, and several smaller ones.  One of the other ones is running for a child during the Mercedes Marathon.  They ask every runner to raise $100/mile, so if you run a full marathon then you strive to raise $2610.  I formed a team of five women, and we all tried to raise money.  We had a blast getting to know each other better, and fun training for our individual segments.  The race was Sunday, Feb 12th in the morning.  Cindy Bembry started us off with the first 6 miles, then me with 3 miles, then Kadie Fry with the next 6 miles, who passed it off to Lindsey Chitwood who ran another 3 miles, and then Candace Crouch pulled up the rear with the final 8 miles.  It was warm day (which I was fine with), but all of the serious runners were hoping for cooler weather.  I was able to run a little with Kadie, and then we both ran the final mile with Candace.  It was a long morning, but a very fun one.

Steve and kids came to support me
After my segment, but before Sara ran hers (the final 8 for her team)
Kadie and me halfway through!
We made it!!
not too shabby for some older ladies! :)
In fact, we had so much fun doing the race, we decided to enter another one.  Since we weren't all able to run together, we registered for the Birmingham Wine 10K, where they toast us with champagne at the end!  Now that is my kind of race!

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