Friday, March 3, 2017

3rd Annual Ski Trip

This winter, Bennett, Pres, Steve and I packed up and flew west for our third annual ski trip.  It was a Christmas present to them from us, and even though they asked Santa for it, they didn't seem that excited to receive it from us.  I don't know where we went wrong, as it has always been one of our favorite family trips of the year.  However as the weeks and days approached, their excitement grew and they forgot how rude they were to us at Christmas.

About a month before we left, I signed up to receive text updates on snowfall, and we realized that we were going to a mountain with more snowfall than we had ever seen!  In fact, every day it snowed overnight, and several of the days it snowed throughout the day.  By the time we arrived, there was an incredible base!  It continued to snow during our stay there, which made for a much different experience.  Thankfully we arrived on time, and were able to get groceries, fitted for our skis and take the kids ice skating.  What a great way to kick off our trip.
Day 2, we awoke early so we could eat a good breakfast.  The kids dressed themselves and were chomping at the bit to hit the slopes and get checked into ski school.  We were out there at 9am, and we took off on our own adventure.  It was a great day, but a COLD day!  We have chosen to go later in the season so we don't freeze, but all of us had problems with our fingers and/or toes getting cold.  Let's just say hand warmers were our friends!

Day 3 was much like the previous day, but we were better prepared with warmers.  The biggest difference was the amount of fresh powder we had overnight, making it virtually impossible for them to groom.  Every run that we skied had powder up to our knees, making it very difficult for us to make it down as quickly as usual.  It tuckered Steve and I out, but the kids loved it!  Their instructors taught them how to ski through it, and Preston did mogul runs all day (which he loved).  By the end of the day, we were anxious to hop in that hot tub and relax.  After talking to the kids, Bennett decided to do an additional day of ski school (instead of the 2 days we purchased before we arrived).

Day 4 we got Bennett checked into school, and took Preston out alone to see how much he had truly learned.  I thoroughly enjoy skiing with him because he pushes me!  He never asks where we are going, and never complains.  He prefers the more challenging slopes, and LOVES doing jumps on all of the terrain parks.  Thanks to all of the videos Christian had sent from his ski trip a few weeks earlier, Preston was anxious to show him up (the competition between those two is ridiculous).  We had fun exploring!

Day 5 (our final day on the slopes) was great!  The four of us skied together, and had a great lunch at the top of the mountain over in the Canyons at one of our favorite places, Cloud 9.  We continue to be amazed at how much the children have learned, and their improved confidence.  Bennett is still our conservative skier, but she has never been a risk-taker.  However, she is skiing faster, and consistently a blue run skier.  We divided and met at the bottom a couple of times, but we tried to stay together for the majority of the time, and we logged some serious vertical feet.

Pres jumping at terrain park

Nothing impresses me more than this beautiful scenery...God is great!

Overall, another wonderful trip....and probably our last ski trip without wild Walker!  Can't wait to see that little guy up on skis, and trying to keep up with his siblings.  Thank you Park City for the memories!

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