Thursday, April 27, 2017

Baseball is in Full Swing...Literally!

Back in late February, Preston had his draft for spring baseball (before basketball was even over).  He showed up and did his best, and was drafted to the Phillies baseball team.  Like the other teams, he has some good players and some okay players.  They started off the season losing, but have slowly been improving and are clamoring for 3rd place.

Preston has definitely improved his fielding techniques this season.  His reaction ability has improved, as well as his throwing.  He still needs to improve his hitting skills, but he is getting there.  We have really enjoyed his coach, and getting to know the boys on the team.  Pres has had a lot of visitors to cheer him and the Phillies on this season, and we thank every single one of them for taking the time out of their busy lives to do so! 

Like most children, Preston loves to look at the stands and see familiar this has been a good season for him.  Mimi and Papa have been regulars, but Uncle Brian, Uncle Dan, Nene and Poppy, his teacher - Miss Anderson, as well as the Jarmons have all come out to cheer him on too!
Mimi and Papa come to most games!
Uncle Brian came straight from work!

Uncle Dan always watching sports!
Nene and Poppy came to watch!
Miss Anderson and her baseball loving students!
Mary Ellis and Jack

So though spring baseball is coming to an end this weekend.  We are unfortunately sitting it out.  Sadly Preston and another player collided when both tried to catch a pop fly, and the ball hit Pres in the eye.  Thankfully Steve was there to comfort him, and his coach was trained to give him the concussion test....which he passed.  So he came home with a headache and blurriness in that eye, and went to bed.  The following day he went off to school, but I received a call midday from the school nurse because he was complaining of headache, blurriness, double vision and nausea.  So we checked him out and took him to the doctor. 

Pres was given a number of tests, which he did well on, except for the visual acuity test - which he flunked.  The pediatrician was concerned, but truly believed he just bruised his eye and he just needed to rest it for several days.  He asked us to come back the following morning, and unfortunately he flunked it again.  Since there was no improvement, he called in a referral to an ophthalmologist for further testing.  Within 30 minutes Preston received a diagnosis....he had sustained a blowout fracture (a hairline fracture to his orbit).  Since he hadn't vomited (just nausea), he elected to let it heal on its own (without surgery).  So now we wait.............

Soon All Star season will really start ramping up!  His All Star team has been practicing for the past several weeks, and will officially begin in early May!  Nothing like being scared to death, and spending 4-5 days a week at the ballfields.  Thank goodness Preston loves it!

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