Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter Festivities

Easter Sunday is always a very special day.... celebrating the rising of Jesus, listening to wonderful music in church, special words from our minister and lots of family time.  This Easter was no different.

Saturday morning, before Easter, I took Walker to an Easter egg hunt in Mountain Brook.  He enjoyed gathering a few eggs, and meeting the Easter Bunny.  While standing in line to meet him, he ate every last piece of candy.

On Sunday morning, rather than rush around, we elected to have a relaxing morning, and attend the last service of the morning.  We arrived early so we could take pictures before the service, and then came home to change before heading to the Mizerany's for lunch.

After we stuffed ourselves, the kids got a game of kickball going.  We watched them run around, chatted with family, and finally came home around 5pm.  Overall it was another great day.

the eggs were very difficult to "hunt"
He wanted to eat the candy as soon as he grabbed an egg
always one of my favorite pictures

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