Monday, April 10, 2017


So about 22 years ago, I moved back to Peoria and met two lovely ladies.  One of those was dating a friend of mine (Chelsea), and the other became my roomie after many fun nights out on the town (Betsy).  Both stood up next to me on my wedding day.  We have been there for each other through all of our moves, job changes, births of our babies, and other family news.  We have cried together, but more than anything....we have laughed together....A LOT!  I have chosen people who have chosen me, and there is nothing better than that.  Friendship is so easy with people who truly love you for who you are....flaws and all, and I am so thankful for these two beauties!

Though it is hard to get together due to our husband's jobs and our families, we try to make it work every couple of years.  Our latest gathering was back in Texas, at Betsy's home.  We flew in on Friday morning, and out on Sunday afternoon.  We ate a lot, drank a little, shopped some, did a little sight-seeing and talked A LOT!  When three friends get together, who don't talk on the phone, there is a lot to catch up on, so we talked over each other and stayed up late filling each other in on everything.

Betsy was a gracious hostess, and I thoroughly enjoyed my time with these precious friends.  We traveled to Fort Worth and ate at one of the most popular Mexican places in town.  We waited in line for 30 minutes, were seated outside on their huge patio, and chose from only 2 entrees.  No wonder they are so successful!  We left when they closed, and returned back to Betsy's.

The following morning, Chelsea's birthday, we slept in and had a delicious breakfast at Betsy's.  We then headed back to Fort Worth to watch the cattle drive.  Every day, twice daily, cowhands walk the long-horned cattle through the historic stockyards to holding pens.  You can get your picture taken on one of the cattle, and take in all of the surroundings.

We had to be tourists, and get our pictures taken on these long ears (what I accidentally called them once, and it stuck all weekend).

this guy had an almost 7 foot span!

After taking it all in, we drove over to Dallas.  Chels hadn't been to Texas before, so we had to show her the big D!  We grabbed lunch in the Uptown area.  We then drove north through Highland Park to show her the big beautiful homes and SMU campus.  Then we decided to do some shopping.  After we finally exhausted ourselves, we drove back to Betsy's house to put on our comfy clothes.  Since we had a late lunch, we decided to stay in, eat cheese and crackers, fruit and drink wine by her pool (my kind of evening)!  We celebrated Chelsea's birthday with a yummy cake, and stayed up way too late...finally hitting the hay around 1AM!

On our final day, we had a leisurely morning with breakfast and a walk around Betsy's neighborhood before heading out to lunch and then to DFW to take Chelsea.  Betsy and I did a little more shopping, and finally showered before taking me to the airport.  It was an action-packed weekend, but I wouldn't have changed a thing!  I hated saying good-bye, but I know we will see each other again.... hopefully sooner rather than later.  Of course, I cried at the airport when I had to say good-bye, but that is just a reminder of how much they mean to me.  Love you Bets and Chels!!

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