Monday, April 3, 2017

Spring Break 2017

B and Walker on the zoo train
When we made our plans to take the big kids skiing, we knew we had to pass up spring break due to the expense.  However about two weeks before the week long break, we were asked to join some friends at their beach house for part of the week.  Of course we couldn't pass up an opportunity to hang out with fun friends at a FREE house, so we started planning.

We elected to head up to Smith Lake Friday after school to move furniture around and allow for more room for all of the family.  We moved our bed to the small room, and gave up our larger space to accommodate two bunkbeds so all six kids had beds.  Everything went very smoothly, and we were all able to sleep in our new bedrooms that night.  The following morning, Steve and I worked in the yard, raking and mowing.  Preston spent most of his free time shooting his BB gun, and Bennett and Walker just ran around.  Though we were there for less than 24 hours, it proved to be a very productive time.

The kids and I also spent a day at Birmingham Zoo, and then we packed up and drove to the beach on Tuesday.  Steve was already down south working, so he just drove over to meet us.  We spent the next five days eating a lot of seafood, taking long walks, lounging, laughing and playing with the kids and many of our friends who were also at the beach.  We even managed to have one fun-filled parent's night out, thanks to an incredible babysitter!  What a fun week, thanks to the Smith Family!

So many friends at the beach!
The pool wasn't heated, but that didn't stop them from getting in it!
Fletch and Pres...special friends who share a love for crab hunting

the Walker-Banta-Mizerany women....more alike than different

strong Bennett among all of the boys playing in the pond

the kids entertained themselves catching (and releasing) crabs every day

the tooth fairy even made a trip to the beach!
relaxing one afternoon with my little love
last night on the beach!
sunset pic on our fun night out
Brook, Leah, me, Brooke and Mary Michael
macaroni art the kids did with the babysitter
Pizza delivered to the beach for our final night....what fun!
The beaches of 30A never disappoint!

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