Friday, April 21, 2017

Worst Concert Ever!

I love seeing my favorite artists live, so when they come to the area, I definitely try and get concert tickets.  Something about Faith Hill and Tim McGraw never floated my boat.  I love their love story, but I have only liked a couple of their songs in the past decade.  But when some friends had someone back out, they had an extra ticket (that they were willing to sell at half price), so I joined in on the fun.

Thankfully the group of girls are fun, so we had a blast together.  We met beforehand for dinner and drinks, and then headed to the concert.  Faith and Tim on the other hand....not so much fun.  They opened with a familiar hit, but watching Faith dance around in her frumpy dress and flats was such a let down.  She is so beautiful, so I hated to see her dressed so matronly.  Tim was easy on the eyes, as he is a very fit 50 something old, but all of his talent and good looks couldn't make up for Faith's shaky voice and weak moves.
Not a concert I would ever recommend, and not one I will ever purchase a ticket for again.

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