Friday, May 12, 2017

And the Littlest One Learns to Swim

tears from the first day
Last winter I enrolled Walker in swim lessons at the YMCA because I couldn't get him into the swim instructor that taught our other two children how to swim, Laura Canterbury.  Like I expected it would be, they were a complete waste.  Walker could hold onto a noodle and blow bubbles, but if an accident happened....he would sink like a rock.  I knew I needed to change that, so I called right after Christmas this year and got Walker signed up for swim lessons this spring.

Laura's two week class is brutal on the parents and the children for the first couple of days, but by the end of the first week, it improves.  Her tactic is to pry the child away from the parent, blow in their face and dunk them, and then let them go while instructing them to kick their legs.  She taps on their head and reminds them to breath, while grabbing their swim trunks and pulling up, so they don't sink.  It is amazing to watch them transform into little swimmers in just a few short days.  The lessons were after school, so Walker was already a little tired, but he was a trooper.  In fact, by the end of week one he was swimming several feet unassisted.

holding his head down and forcing him to look down (which keeps them horizontal in the pool)
Finally getting it and swimming!
The second week, he would jump in repeatedly off the side of the pool and swim to the steps all by himself over and over again while he waited for his turn to swim with Laura.  He took a breath a couple of times, but Laura thinks he needs to learn to kick stronger before he can adequately breath because he sort of sinks when he lifts his head.  However, this new found confidence it just what we all needed to kick off our summer!

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