Saturday, June 10, 2017

Double Digits!

Lunch at SCE
It is hard to believe that our first born baby turned 10 years old this year!  This year Bennett's birthday fell on the second to last day of school, so we celebrated multiple times.  Being that she turned 10, we felt she was worth it!  First, Steve, Walker and I went to her school for a lunch date.  We snuck in Chick-fil-A and she got to show off her little brother to her friends.  I'm not sure who had more fun, Walker or Bennett.
On May 23rd, Bennett awoke to flowers from Walker, and presents from the rest of us.  She had a great day at school!  That night we attended the fun run at the Homewood Library, and then went out for dinner at SoHo Social.  Michelle and Louis joined us, and it was the perfect way to celebrate our big girl!

After we returned from our annual beach trip, we prepared for her 10th birthday party up at the lake.  We planned her meals, bought her birthday favors and got all packed up.  Bennett invited several of her friends to join us for an overnight there.

Thursday afternoon, they were all dropped off at our house.  Bennett elected to open her birthday presents first.  We then loaded up, and drove up to Mimi and Papa's.  As soon as we got there, they suited up while I put air in all of the floats.  Bennett chose some darling floats for her favors, and the girls had so much fun with them.
Ella, B, Juana Grace, Annie and Tate

B chose her own cookie cake decorations
That night, I made the girls cheese dip and tacos for dinner.  They quickly wanted to move to dessert, so we sang Bennett "Happy Birthday" and enjoyed some cookie cake.  Then the girls did each other's hair and make-up.  They went back outside and hunted for frogs, and chatted some more before coming back in to watch a movie.  I could tell they were starting to get tired (as was I), so I encouraged them to head upstairs after it concluded.  At first they started to chill, but then the giggling began.  I knew they were having fun, and I assumed they would eventually simmer down, so I hit the hay.  However, I awoke around midnight to them still awake and talking.  I had to tell them to go to sleep because like all sleepovers, I knew they would wake up with the sun.

sweetest group of girls
The next morning, they were fairly lazy which allowed me plenty of time to prepare their breakfast.  As soon as they refueled, they were ready to go swimming again.  They were also anxiously awaiting the arrival of Steve and Louis (who were coming up to put the waverunner in, and offer an additional set of eyes while we rode around).  When they arrived, there was lots of excitement!  They immediately began taking turns riding around, and tubing.
they kept asking to be I had to fulfill their wishes

After lunch and more water fun, we packed up and drove back to Birmingham.  The five girls had a great time together, and I had so much with them.  There was no drama, just lots of laughter, story telling and silliness.  Thank you girls for helping celebrate Bennett, she had a blast with you all!

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