Sunday, June 4, 2017

Memorial Day 2017!

For the past several years, we have been packing up after school gets out and kicking off our summer at the beach!  All Star Baseball put a slight hiccup in our plans, but we drove down Friday, May 26th and stayed at the San Destin Hilton.  The afternoon arrival was perfect, so we hit the pool.  Walker was super excited to show off his swim skills, and he wore himself out!  He jumped off the side and swam to me over and over.  Finally his little eyes were red, and the kids were getting cold because the sun was setting.  So while everyone bathed, Steve ordered pizzas to be delivered to our room.  Then we had a picnic in our pajamas.  Since the kids were a little stir crazy, we decided to walk on the beach right before the sun went down.  Later that night, Steve and I enjoyed some wine on our balcony while the kids went to bed. A perfect start to our week at the beach!

The next day we met up with the Smiths and Jarmons and kicked off our vacation together.  We rented a house next to Leah's family beach house, so we were familiar with the location, had access to their great pool, and still close to the beach.  With 9 kids and 6 adults, the house was very full, but we made it work.  It was a perfect blend of families too, several good cooks, laid back, fun people and a friend for every child.

The beaches were not crowded as usual, the water was good, and the guys had great luck fishing all week.  They even caught enough pompono and whiting for us to fillet and cook one night!  All of the kids enjoyed throwing the line out, and reeling in whatever was on the hook.....which ended up being a lot of baby sharks.  They even caught a couple of them twice.

Tuesday our babysitter for the rest of the week, Mackenzie, arrived to help us watch our kids.  We used her a couple of times at night so the adults could grab a kid-free dinner.  Both were fun nights where we were able to grab good meals!

With lots of sun and was a terrific week!

Date Night

Looking so grown up!

Sunset Swim!

naps on the beach are the best

Mackenzie and Walker

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