Saturday, June 24, 2017

Week of Fun!

After Preston's All Star Tournament concluded, we hightailed it up to Smith Lake!  In all honesty, we didn't expect Homewood to do very well in the tournament, but they came out guns a blazing at the beginning of the week, so we continued to adjust our schedule.  When the writing was on the wall that they were going to go down fighting, we sent Bennett to the lake on Friday with Myra, Louis and Dan.  We were packed and ready too, and planned to leave as soon as Pres finished playing.  Saturday morning, we watched him play with Walker and Beckham in tow (literally so we could immediately leave).  They won the first game, had an hour break, and played again and lost.  It was a long, hot day for all of us, but we wouldn't have changed any of it.  We just knew that we were all anxious to cool off in the lake.

So we hurried up there, changed into our swimsuits and immediately began relaxing.  Louis and Michelle cooked a ridiculous dinner for the Father's Day feast (beef tenderloin, baked potatoes, corn on the cob and French bread).  That night the Mizerany boys stayed up chatting, while the rest of us pooped out somewhat early.  The next morning we enjoyed a breakfast feast, some swimming and a ride on the waverunner before we headed back to Birmingham.  Walker and Beckham both swam in the lake, so it was a BIG accomplishment!  We hated to cut our weekend short, but we needed to take Bennett and Preston to camp for the week. 

Even Beck wanted in on the fun!
After dropping off the big kids at Camp Cosby, Walker asked several times a day for the first couple of days where they were.  He finally settled into his new, quieter routine by Tuesday.  However, Steve and I quickly realized that parenting just Walker was much easier.  Since our big kids are the picky eaters, we decided to take Walker out to an Asian restaurant that we have been wanting to try.  We hoped that he would try sushi, he didn't, but he did enjoy the fancier environment and was well behaved.
Bamboo on 2nd
Tuesday night we ate with the Jarmons, who only had Jack for the night.  The boys had a fun night and entertained us with their air-guitar playing.  Then on Wednesday, Shanon and Lauren spoiled me early for my birthday since Lauren had to miss my birthday festivities that Steve planned for Friday.  Shanon picked me up, and brought wine and the ingredients for a delicious steak salad.  Lauren treated us to sparkling rose when we walked in the door, more wine, AND they bought me a gorgeous necklace.  We stayed for hours talking and it was so nice.  Nice to be spoiled, nice to be loved, nice to just relax and catch up with good friends.  What a wonderful night we had together.

Thursday, June 22nd, was my birthday.  Flanked by two big celebrations, we decided to lay low and grill steaks...just the three of us.

Friday was the pinnacle of the week.  Steve had arranged for Walker to spend the night at his parent's and invited folks to join us at Gian Marco's for a delicious dinner.  We started off at home for a pre-dinner cocktail, and then headed over.  After a couple bottles of wine, and many calories....we took the party to Leah and Fletcher's.  Steve had purchased a cake, and they all surprised me with singing "Happy Birthday."  I thought he spent too much on the cake, so I chewed him out, but then the party continued.

Sadly the next morning came SOOO quickly with a VERY early pick-up time at Camp Cosby.  However, what a week!  I still can't believe I am 45 years old, but I feel so content and happy with where I am so no hard feelings or anxiety about my age.  Thank you Miz for spoiling me, not only on my birthday, but every day.  I am a lucky person to have such loving family members, beautiful, healthy children and wonderful friends. 

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