Sunday, June 25, 2017

YMCA Camp Cosby

Since Kindergarten, the kids have gone to spend the night away at camp.  They have always enjoyed themselves, and have never been homesick.  In the past they attended Camp Winnataska, but this summer they tried something new and went to Camp Cosby.  We chose a week that worked well for our family and at the last minute, Bennett had two friends sign up and ask to be in her cabin.  They were both excited for their new adventures!
Arapahoe Cabin

Layton Bradford, Claire Garrett, Ella Serotsky and Bennett
Though Preston didn't have any friends in his cabin, he was ready to meet new ones and experience a new camp.  Camp Cosby is on Logan Martin Lake, and is set up like the camps you see on tv.  The cabins are all lined up, with toilets and showers inside each cabin.  They are also air conditioned, which is a huge benefit over Winnataska.  The pool overlooks the lake, and they have tons of water toys in their careened area of the lake.  There is a huge covered area with basketball hoops, a dining hall and a large horse barn with trails around it for riding.

Everything was set for a great week...regardless of the rain they experienced every day.  Thankfully there were breaks in the day for them to get out and play.  As you can see from the pictures, they had a blast!  Many of the photos are blurry because they wouldn't let you download them off their website without paying for them, so we just cropped them.

B working at the horse barn

P making friends

B did a lot of horseback riding as her main elective

Brave Bennett holding a snake!

Sunset at Camp Cosby
When their six nights concluded, we drove back to pick them up early Saturday morning.  We decided to get Preston first since his cabin was the furthest away.  When we first saw him, he immediately ran to us, and gave us the biggest and best hug!  He was crying tears of joy, which in turn made me cry.  He was genuinely excited to see us.  We then walked to Bennett's cabin.  She had seen us pull into the parking lot, so she had waved to us, but we weren't allowed to grab her without checking in first.

Bennett was the last one to get picked up in her cabin, and she was cheerful and gave me a hug too.  Once we got all of their bags back to the car, we listened for an hour to all of their stories from the week.  They both said they would have stayed another week, and are excited to return next summer.  Thank you Camp Cosby for the great time, and all of the memories!  I absolutely love that our children are getting these opportunities and thoroughly enjoy camp.
But the BEST reunion, was when the three kiddos were all reunited....Walker missed them, and they missed him. Beckham was pretty thrilled too, now his dog walkers are home!

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