Sunday, September 17, 2017

Happy 9th Birthday Preston!

We kicked off Preston's birthday celebrations with Steve being a mystery reader and having lunch with him at school.  It was definitely a surprise, and all of the kids love having a parent there to break up the monotony.  Steve read two books, and Pres loved every minute of it.

Then Steve got to dine on a fine cafeteria meal, while all of the kids at the table chatted it up, sneezed on their food and shared items with each other.

Principal Lowry with Preston

The following day, I got a text from the principal at Shades Cahaba.  He loves to make the kids feel special, so he pulls each child out of class on their birthday to snap a selfie and then texts it to their family.  Such a sweet gesture. 

Later that day, I went up to the school to have lunch with my buddy.  I snuck in a McDonald's happy meal (his favorite) in his lunchbox, and he was the king at the lunch table because he shared his french fries with his friends.

I froze my bootie off (do you notice the sweatshirt that Preston wears every time he goes to the cafeteria?). 

I didn't believe Pres that his class sits at the tables under the air conditioning vents, and that it would be cold enough to warrant a sweatshirt, but it is!

Pres with some of class friends
a couple of new jerseys, cash and candy=great birthday!
Of course, the school celebrations just kicked off the REAL celebration the following day, on his actual birthday.  He awoke to presents from my parents and us, and then we went to his flag football game.  The Bantas came to support Preston too.  Though his team lost, he scored a touchdown and still had a good game.  We celebrated with a cookie cake with his teammates.  And after the flag football game, we went out to lunch as a family to Taco Mama (his favorite).  We stuffed our faces, and then he and Steve went to Tuscaloosa.  The pinnacle of the day was going to Tuscaloosa with his Daddy for the Alabama - Colorado State game, and he loved every minute.  When asked what he wanted to do for his birthday, that is what he wanted.
nothing like family support
we love this sport loving boy!

cousins (sans Bennett)
Mimi and Papa surprised Preston with another birthday cake, and bought him a new Alabama jersey...ROLL TIDE!  Steve even scored two tickets to the club level - Preston's favorite because he can eat unlimited ice cream and drink any soft drink he desires.

Of course, Alabama is off to another strong start this season, and rolled all over Colorado State.  Even though it was pretty clear that they were going to win, Preston had NO desire to leave, and wanted to stay for his first entire game. 
4th Quarter!  41-23 final score
Preston passed out on the car ride home, but he will easily say it was one of the best birthdays he has had!  Happy 9th Birthday Buddy, can't wait to see how the next year shapes up!  You are a caring, competitive young man with an analytical brain that never stops will go far in life!

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