Saturday, December 9, 2017

Christmas Came Early in Birmingham

One weekend it was 70 degrees, and five days later it snowed 3 inches in Birmingham!  You have to love the weather in the south.  The weatherman said there was a chance, so the schools cancelled school the night before (just in case).  There was lots of excitement from the kids knowing they now had a three day weekend (even if it didn't snow).

Friday morning, Steve and I were still in bed when the kids came running into our room at 7am saying it snowing.  The snowflakes were huge, and it was beautiful.  We watched it start to accumulate from inside, and after a couple of hours there was enough for the kids to really play with, and they were dying to go outside.  Thankfully we have a basement full of ski clothes, so everyone bundled up and headed out.

The kids beloved PE Coach even came over to play with them outside.  All of the neighbor kids were out too.  The group had a blast sledding on a neighbor's small hill, building snowmen, making snow angels, throwing snowballs and eating lots of snow.  The kids went in and out a couple of times, warming up with hot chocolate and sitting by fires, but sadly all of the fun only lasted one day.  Saturday the temperatures rose and the snow melted.  However, we all had fun and are already looking forward to our next unexpected "snow storm."

Beckham loved the snow too!

Pretty impressive for Alabama
Pitiful hill, I know, but the kids had a ball
Leyton and Bennett
Girls with Coach Christian

I loved the snow on the tree branches

Beck catching a snowball

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