Sunday, December 31, 2017

Happy 4th Birthday Walker!

Every year Walker's birthday sneaks up on us, and we forget to plan a birthday party.  Last year was probably the worst one with Steve, Bennett and Preston home recovering from surgeries.  I vowed to make this year's birthday better.  However, with the big day just 5 days after Christmas, I found myself unmotivated and tired.  We did ask him what he wanted to do though, and tried to make his day special.  Thankfully he is young, with little expectations.

This December 30th, we started our morning by Walker tearing into all of his birthday presents.  Then we sang "Happy Birthday" to him, and allowed him to have chocolate cake for breakfast (because that is what he wanted).  Walker didn't want to share any of his cake, so he was the only lucky one to start off the day with a plate of sugar (which actually made it a little more special)!

Swinging on trapeze

Then we all got dressed and headed to Surge Trampoline Park to get out some of that energy!  The place was dead for the first hour, and the big kids did a great job entertaining him.  He did the trapeze, and jumped and dove off of multiple trampolines.  Walker had a ball!
Diving like a champ!
After Surge, we went to lunch at Chick-fil-A and then came home for a short nap.  That afternoon Miller came over to play with him, and then we headed to Leah & Fletcher Smith's house for a fun dinner!  Even though there wasn't a big party, Walker received calls from those who love him, and he was with friends and family all day.....which to him is all that mattered.  I promised him there will be a party, perhaps this summer when his Christmas presents are old and the weather is warm!  We love our little guy, and he know it.  Here's to an awesome year Walker!  We all love your spunky personality.  You definitely think you are the boss of the family, and your love for sharpie markers and anything art is still going strong!  So glad you received everything to make your office complete!  Happy 4th Birthday big guy!

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