Sunday, January 28, 2018

Impromptu Date

Friday, Uncle Dan reached out to invite Bennett to accompany him to a University of Alabama gymnastics meet against Missouri.  Of course she jumped at the opportunity to go with him!  Our children love some Alabama sports, and love hanging with their Uncle Dan who spoils them like crazy!  When I asked her what they talked about on the way down, she said "I don't know...he asked me about school and I talked for 15 minutes, then I asked him something and he talked for 5 minutes, and then he asked me another question and I talked until we got there.  I guess I talked a lot."

She had a blast watching the pros, and loved getting to meet and take pictures with many of the team members after the meet.  Walker and I were asleep when she got home, but I loved hearing about the fun she had the next day.  She got a ton of autographs, and one of the gymnasts even gave Bennett her flowers (which she quickly put in water).  She had a great time, and we thank Uncle Dan for the fond memories!

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