Sunday, January 21, 2018

Update on Walker's Burns

July 5th - after shower, before bandage
After Walker got burned, he was given strict instructions to stay inside and keep his wounds clean.  The burn unit told us, if we could keep bandages on him for the first 10-14 days, that would be the best case scenario for minimizing infection and optimizing the healing.  We bribed him heavily, and he was thankfully very cooperative.  However, things needed to be adjusted.  He couldn't attend summer school anymore, he couldn't play outside or go swimming, and had to minimize his activity some so the bandages would actually stay on.  Walker did great until his follow-up appointment mid July.  I didn't work, and we just did puzzles, watched movies and colored....A LOT.

Thankfully they gave us the "all clear" at his follow up visit so we could still go on our Midwest road trip.  We just needed to minimize his time outside, and when he is outside, he needs to have SPF 50 on all wounds, and wear a baseball cap to protect his scalp.  Since he had lost all of his hair along his burn, it looked weird anyway, so he happily wore his cap.
July 13th - face healing nicely and still smiling

July 13th - no scab yet

About 4-6 weeks after his accident, the scars on his face were only visible after he got hot and flushed.  And 6 months later, I am happy to not see anymore redness or evidence of the burns on his face, chest and arm.  But sadly he still doesn't have hair growth on his scalp, in fact skin continues to come off when I brush his hair.  I am still hoping to see new hairs, but the doctors said it could take a full year for the healing process to be complete.  However, after speaking to several other doctors, I am not optimistic.  They don't think his hair will regenerate because they think the burn was just a little deeper than originally diagnosed, hence the lack of complete healing.
July 21st - still redness on face and scalp starting to scab

Aug 24th - occasionally bleeding and healing still
Jan 21st - still not 100% and no hair at crown

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